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This practical guide for principals, team leaders and teachers sets out a performance management process appropriate for a future-oriented teaching profession.

This study outlines stakeholder engagement and new forms of ‘participation’ which are a core requirement of any contemporary organisation, including schools. 

This study was able to identify four preconditions that have to be in place for whole-school improvement to take hold and then be sustained over time.

This book provides a case study of successful reform in a large socio-economically disadvantaged area.

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What is G9 Education?

G9 Education is a consortium of highly experienced education consultants who have pooled their expertise to offer customised consultancy and professional learning services to school leadership teams nationally and internationally.


We believe that:

  • all students can learn and all schools can improve

  • improvement interventions need to follow a logical pathway

  • preconditions for effective teaching and learning need to be in place for improvement to occur

  • the quality of teaching and leadership can be enhanced by well-targeted interventions and professional development

  • improvement is dependent on consistency of practice across the whole school

  • steady incremental change builds the momentum for sustained improvement

  • working with others helps to bolster enthusiasm for change.

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