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Frequently Asked Questions








Why should our school use G9 Education rather than another consultancy group?


G9 Education brings together a group of consultants with a vast and unique set of skills and experiences at all levels of the education system both in Australia and overseas. More importantly, though, we are committed to developing customised support for your school rather than using an off-the-shelf approach the company happens to own. This also means, putting together the appropriate team to meet your school’s context and needs. 



How does G9 Education work with schools?

While we work with individual schools to diagnose their current context and performance and then identify and support the implementation of appropriate strategies to improve, we also seek to network schools so they can address common problems together, learn from each other and generally benefit from economies of scale and a collaborative approach to improving student learning outcomes. 



In supporting schools to improve, how do you know where to start?

We work together with school leaders to diagnose the current level of school performance through a detailed analysis of all relevant data, along with such qualitative input as one-on-one interviews with key members of staff and sample focus groups of major stakeholders including students, parents and members of the School Council. This provides a thorough understanding of where the school is at and the appropriate set of strategies to improve.



How practical is the support that you offer?

Our support is very practical and targeted. It draws on relevant research, such as high performing schools research, and significant practical experience in individual schools and regions which G9 Education members have participated in and even led. We have developed and collected a range of pro formas, tools and processes which many schools have used to develop and implement strategies for whole-school improvement and change with the support of their staff.



Which staff members would need to be involved to get value from the service?

Significant research and experience in schools has demonstrated that leadership is critical to any whole school improvement and success. Put simply, leadership is the difference between the pockets of improvement that occur in any school and improvement that spans the school as a whole. Given this, the key to gaining value from the service is to work initially at least with the school’s leadership team, to support them to lead the implementation of identified strategies for improvement throughout the school.



Can our school afford G9 Education?

While that is a question the school can only answer itself, there is some key information it can take into account. Aside from the fact that G9 Education includes consultants with a wealth of practical experience in school improvement at all levels in the education system, we do offer customised support designed for your context, and not a one-size-fits-all approach. We operate on the basis of daily rates, with a sliding scale whereby the rate reduces as the number of days is increased. The cost of G9 Education services is negotiated directly with the school according to the nature and level of service required, and a detailed proposal is developed for the school to consider and agree.

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